"His amalgamated aesthetic was born out of a commitment to experimentation and irresolution." [read the article]


17 August 2017

"A prolific self-portraitist, his way of depicting himself was constantly in flux." [read the article]


17 August 2017

Roberta Smith writes, "...exudes an irresistible energy and optimism end to end..." [read the article]


17 August 2017

"...from prodigiously gifted maker of naturalistic portraits to fearless creator of fiercely scrawled landscapes and figures so elusive that they verge on abstraction..."' [read the article]


17 August 2017

Floral designer Lindsey Taylor captures the tranquility–and simmering unease–in painting 'Austria's van Gogh.' [read the article]


17 August 2017

"The concussive force of the works on display at the Neue Galerie may bring the renown that [Gerstl] richly deserves." [read the article]


18 July 2017

New York Times critic Will Heinrich describes "Alexei Jawlensky" as poignant, illuminating, generously curated, and imaginatively designed. [read the article]


10 March 2017

"Jawlensky’s art may be considered a life-long meditation on the process of change in his personal life." [read the article]


02 March 2017

The Beautiful and the Unexpected: New Yorker art critic Peter Schjeldahl's review of Alexei Jawlensky, a "flavorsome retrospective" for an artist whose work is "at once rousingly far-out and reassuringly accessible." [read the article]


21 February 2017

That said, the 11 life-size portraits at the heart of the show are fascinating to look at and, with help from the catalog, to think about. [read the article]

27 October 2016