Portraits of an Age: Photography in Germany and Austria, 1900-1938

March 11, 2005
- June 6, 2005

This exhibition traces the history of photography in Germany and Austria over four decades through the photographic convention of portraiture. Organized by Monika Faber, curator of photography at the Albertina, Vienna, Portraits of an Age presents vintage prints by more than 35 photographers, covering a diverse range of styles and formats.

The exhibition begins with refined studio portraits by photographers such as Dora Kallmus (of Atelier D'Ora) and Hugo Erfurth, and encompasses the sculptural approach of Helmar Lerski, the free-spirited elan conveyed by Marianne Breslauer, the eerie close-ups produced by Umbo, and the grand typological project of August Sander.

Overall, the show brings together more than 100 works from public and private collections. The exhibition will travel to the Albertina, Vienna, where it will open in July 2005.