Visitor Policies

Frequently Asked Questions


All four levels of the building are wheelchair accessible; four wheelchairs are available for loan in the museum coat check.
These require a companion to push from behind.

The Neue Galerie is accessible to visitors with special needs. For further details, please call (212) 994-9493 or email [email protected].


Infants may be brought into the galleries, provided they are carried in a harness or sling on the front of an adult. Children under the age of 12 years old are not admitted, and those aged 12 to 16 must be accompanied by an adult. For more information about why the museum has adopted this policy, please consult our FAQ’s. Strollers are only allowed on the ground floor and lower level and must be checked at the coat check before entering the galleries.


Photography is only permitted on the ground floor and lower level of the building; it is not permitted upstairs in the galleries of the museum under any circumstances. Cameras may be checked in the museum coat check, but please be aware that the museum cannot be held responsible for damage to fragile or valuable items stored there.


Cell phone use is only permitted in the entryway and the lower level of the museum.


All bags are subject to security inspection before entering the museum.

A complimentary coat check will be in operation during the regular museum hours on the ground floor. Please note the following items are not allowed in the galleries and must be checked:
- Backpacks of any size
- Shopping bags
- Large bags and purses
- Strollers
- Umbrellas
- Wrapped packages (gifts)

Please refrain from bringing the following items into the museum as they cannot be checked:
- Food and drink, including water bottles
- Weapons
- Luggage, including carry-on size trolleys and bags
- Flowers
- Laptop computers and other valuables

The Neue Galerie cannot be held responsible for damage to fragile property and reserves the right to decide what may be checked at the museum.


Items recovered by Neue Galerie staff will be held at Security on the lower level. To speak directly with the
Security department, please call (212) 994-9497.


Our free audio tour app is available to download on your smartphone through iTunes or Google Play.
Acoustiguide audio tour devices are available at the Admissions Desk. The units are t-coil compatible and available in English only. 



Regular and large-type transcripts of the audio tour are available for loan at the Admissions Desk.