A radio interview with curator Dr. Olaf Peters [listen to the interview]

 "Degenerate Art" is featured as Exhibit of the Week. [read the article]

"A tour of the Degenerate Art show at the Neue Galerie, the first major U.S. exhibition devoted to the infamous display of modern art by the Nazis since 1991." [watch the video]

Christiane Amanpour, host of CNN International's nightly global affairs program, discusses the attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany with historian and author Simon Schama. [watch the program]

"The Art of Hate" Read the Village Voice review of "Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937" here.

"Among the many imponderables of the Neue Galerie’s splendid Degenerate Art exhibition is an uncanny sense of repeating a forgotten ritual.." [rea

"This exhibition revisits not only Germany's 'Degenerate Art' show that destroyed so many artistic careers, but the Nazi rhetoric that made the exhibition possible." [

Olaf Peters, curator of "Degenerate Art" was interviewed by Art in America. [read the article]

"Hitler's campaign against 'degenerate' modern art was only the beginning." Lance Esplund reviews "Degenerate Art" for The Wall Street Journal.

Peter Schjeldahl of the New Yorker visited "'Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937."  [read the artic